Using the iPad in the Classroom

This page is for sharing resources for teachers, tutors, and parents that are integrating iPads into education. Please share this if you find it helpful!


iPads in the a Kinder and 2nd Grade Classrooms

A very nice and informative video of an iPad classroom in action and lots of student testimonials. There is some good teacher commentary and insights. One important comment was that the iPad "doesn't replace a desktop or laptop, it compliments (them). As long as you keep that in mind, its efficient in terms of what it does."
Mobile Devices in the Classroom

These kids made a video about how they use "mobile devices" in the classroom. Minimally informative but painfully cute.

20 Apps in 20 Minutes

This great video showcases 20 apps for iPad that were used to teach students in a 5th grade science class for an entire year.

A Classroom Transformed by the iPad

I found this great video over at iPads in Education, and I really love how well it shows the uses of iPads (or tablet computers) in the classroom. You can get some great tips about how to actually utilize the devices in your lessons. Watch how this teacher uses the iPads for so many different subject areas and classroom tasks. He uses the iPad for projects, class communication, collecting work, student exploration, and play. The kids are clearly engaged and empowered by their iPads, and it seems to make this classroom a fun and enriching place for these students.